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Reiki 2

"An excellent course. Very well presented and thought provoking. I really enjoyed the two days and feel that it will be great for my future health and wellbeing."

 P.Clynes, Yorkshire




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Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy. Drawing on ancient practices, which are said to have dated back to Buddha, Reiki balances the energy in the body, renewing vitality and bringing about a powerful feeling of serenity and relaxation through the laying on of hands. Reiki can be used to relieve the problems associated with stress, tension, chronic illness and post-operative pain.  


The Reiki School was founded by Chris and Penny Parkes in 1995 to provide the highest standards of Reiki training for practitioners and Masters. The Reiki School offers First Degree, Second Degree and Master Practitioner training courses in Altrincham.

Penny & Chris's moto is to 'harness the power within' and it is this ethos which forms a staple part of the courses.

As one of the leading Reiki Masters in the country, Penny & Chris have also published two bestselling books on Reiki and two CDs (which are currently in the process of being transferred into a digital format) for Reiki treatments and relaxation.

"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice."
Anton Chekov

At 1st Degree you receive the all-important four attunements, which allow a greatly increased energy flow through your system. You will also learn how to give yourself a treatment, how to treat others, the history of Reiki, and how to use the energy for self-development.


At 2nd Degree you will receive further attunements, which increases the amount of energy your system can hold and channel. You will learn the distant healing process. After 2nd Degree initiation, both self-treatments and treatments of others becomes more powerful. This level is also about mental and emotional healing of self.


Reiki Master Practitioner is about self-mastery and through the attunement process, working and learning with The Master Symbol at its high vibrational level. This course also specialises in enabling you to help others, without the added responsibility of teaching.


Master Teacher training is for those who wish to teach others to become Reiki Practitioners, and have 


It is taught on a one-to-one basis over a period of 8-15 months.

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Discover how you can use Reiki for just 15 minutes a day to bring more balance, harmony and vitality into your life.
15-Minute Reiki shows you how to treat a wide range of conditions from the relief of everyday symptoms to chronic illness.
This invaluable sourcebook incorporates many innovative techniques to help you make the most of your life.
£13.99 + p&p £3.01 = £17.00

Apologies for we are currently OUT of  STOCK of this book.
Revised and updated edition with brand new sections showing you how to use Reiki to increase self-confidence, harness inner power and transform your life for the better. An essential guide packed with information for every practitioner.
Written by one of the few traditionally trained Reiki Masters
in the UK.
£12.99 + p&p £3.01 = £16.00
stock available
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Available only from The Reiki School. This CD is designed to accompany self-treatment. Chris Parkes narrates with background music designed to relax you whilst giving a clear description of the energetic effect Reiki is having on the body during treatment.

This CD is also available in digital format upon request.

CD Playing time 37 minutes @ £13 inc. p&p

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by Klaus Wiese and Temple bells played by Chris Parkes. Ideal to use for self treatment or for treating others. Atmospheric Tibetan Singing bowls provide a background whilst a subtle temple bell sounds at three minute intervals on one track and every five minutes on the other. Essential and available only from The Reiki School.

This CD is also available in digital format upon request.

2 x 30 minute (repeatable) tracks @ £13 inc. p&p

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Reiki Treament (CD)
Reiki: The Essential Guide
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Tibetan Bels (CD)

These Energy Exchanges are held every two weeks and are open to all Reiki people worldwide. These evenings are for those who have already taken Reiki training and is an ideal way to meet and practise Reiki with other like-minded people. We often have speakers talking on related subjects.
Virtual Energy Exchanges are held on Tuesday evenings every 2 weeks at 7.30pm to 9.15pm on Zoom


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